Hello. My name is Matthew Van Horn!

I am a senior at Grandville High School and I currently work at Hobby Lobby.

I own a Hyundai Tiburon for my car. Hyundai means Modernity, and Tiburon means Shark. So i guess i have a modern shark?

I am in Boy Scouts, though I'm thinking of quitting, because our troop is... erm... falling apart...

This Century and Sex Bob-Omb are good bands, even though one really isn't real…

I do in fact own a very sweet Kin Two, and it’s a very unique phone... It has a zune player built in which is nice. =D

I don't actually have any sisters, but i technically have two, which is sort of ironic considering they're both red heads...

I do however, have an older brother, who's away at college.

My mom is Jewish, My dad's a Catholic, I'm a Christian, and my brother's an atheist... you could say dinner conversations are interesting...

I want to marry a red head from Scotland... thank you Amy Pond...

Paramore is an amazing band.

I also have a very interesting sense of music, which most people don't have an issue with.

I don't think normal exists, because what is normal nowadays? We're all so different.

external image IMG_0058.jpg Life is like a car, unless you keep working at it, it'll fail and fall apart.

My Best Friends... erm... sorta