My name is Jeremy Brown, a senior at Grandville High School. I have participated in the school robotics team and the otaku club. (otaku is Japanese for a fan boy/girl and is sometimes used offensively, otherwise it mostly pertains to anime and manga) My main interests are video games, playing cards, computer programing, and manga/anime. over the course of the year I tried to do as many tech classes that I could and took web design to try and learn a new computer language and get an understanding of how it's linked to java script.


I am a self proclaimed nerd, and have many nerd friends (and some that wont let themselves be called nerds even though nerds are awesome). I typically spend my spare time reading, watching tv, or playing video games. In school I spent my spare time upgrading my homepage at (now it's more liquid in format and has new features including embedded video, and a video library on a right side link), though the look of it is still basic.