Samantha Ockers
Well hello,
My name is Sam. I like to watch old movies, and listen to music on my record player.I love to listen to the Beatles,and play guitar. I love my family and frieCopy_of_mb.pngnds more than anything! I go to school and hangout with friends and I work too=] I wus2.jpgork at Delias.Let's see I my best friends are Stephanie and Melanie and Brittany and Jessi and Kathryn. Stephanie is really funny and has like soooo much in common with me, we love to listen to music and go to the mall and watch movies. Melanieis funny and always has good stories to tell, and she has a pool that we swim in the summer. Me and Jessi laugh about everything and I can talk to her about
anything, we can just look at each other and start laughing. Brittany is wicked smart and helps me with my SpCopy_of_mak2.jpganish, but she says the funniest things sometimes,and has the cuties clothes that I like to borrow=] and then there's Kathryn, what can I say about her……well she's pretty out there, she says some stuff sometimes and I'm like whaaaaaaat??? But she's funny too we could talk about EVERYTHING, I sit with her at lunch and we have some good times….yupp…gooooood times=] So yupp that's my friends, now my family, well I have an AMAZING mother who is just AWESOME we get along all the time and shes like having
a best friend in the house=] and theres my brothers Paul and Zak, they are always there for me and tought me lots of stuff when I was growing up. But now they are grown and have families of their own, Paul is married to Shell anCUTE.jpgd they have two babies Abby and Molly. And Zak is married to Katie and they have Jayde a sweet baby girl =].So theres really not much else to say.....i could say i was born in california and then moved to michigan when i was like 12 or soo....but ya so i have friends in california i dont get to see kayla and maria and austin....they were my best friends ever...but ya i went to california to visit them it was soooo much fun =]. well thats basicly my life in a nutshell...ya=] oh and heres a link you should go to it=] ME!!

MUAHAHAHAHAHAA sam you have been hacked . . . you are awesome and I can't wait to get awesome donuts tomorrow! when you're reading this you need to use a deep creepy voice do it sounds more ominous :) PEACE LOVE AND HAPPINES to oyou my friend . . . youre a cooool person! bye bye bestest buddy

hi sam - love marybeth (: