Hello there, my name is Ryan Potjer and I'm a senior here at Grandville High School. My interests involve music, video gaming, hanging out with my friends and such. I have a job, I work at Abel Enterprises Mobile Wash Inc, we are a mobile wash company going all over the state and even to Chicago and Ohio. I really love music, a music fanatic I think we are called, I play the piano as well the drum set and have been doing so quite a number of years now.


I was born and lived in the city of Wyoming for about 6 years then moved here to the awesome city of Grandville in 1999. I used to love playing sports and wasn't to bad at them but these days I work to much too play anything. I played just about everything it seems like, I played baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and even rugby my freshmen year. I used to be a very large Star Wars nerd (and still kind of am) and loved watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with my Dad.


I am currently attending Grandville High School and getting ready to graduate. It has been a pretty good four years for me here but high school has also taught me to have responsibilities and learn to finish what I start. I play in a band called, Plasma Recoil, and I really enjoy it...I am the drummer if your wondering. I thoroughly enjoy doing it, we haven't played any shows or gigs yet but we work on our music everyday trying to perfect and get it just the way we want it before we try to make fools of ourselves. Like I said before, I have a job but when I work is mostly on the weekends and in the summer I work full time.


My future plans, well I have a few of them. First of all after I get finished here with high school in the next couple weeks, I plan to attend GRCC in the fall to major in Music. After I get an associates degree at GRCC, I plan to transfer to either Western or Berklee College of Music to finish my major in modern songwriting. If that does not work out for me, I will go to school for game programming because my brother and I have had a dream to start our own game company for a very long time. Our dream is to have a successful band and to start and run a successful game company as well but if only one of those dreams comes true I will very happy.

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