A Day in the Life of Rachael Behl...



I begin my morning with waking up to my alarm, giving me an hour to wake up, get dressed, brush my teeth and eat some breakfast. Then I have to catch my bus. If I'm lucky, the bus driver will get there at a decent hour and I won't miss it. Otherwise I wait for one of my friends to pick me up, giving me a whopping 5 minutes of extra time.



Once at school I spend time with my friends or get some homework done before the 1st hour bell rings. Then I am off to American Literature with Mr. Leiter. During this class we read books, type papers...and that's about it. Then comes French II. At the moment Madame Morgenstern is out due to her foot surgery, which really is a shame since she's one of my favorite teachers. So our student teachers, who are now teachers, have filled in for her. Now, nothing against student teachers, but I'd rather learn from a professional. After French, I go to Chemistry...my least favorite class. Though I've gotten a better understanding of it. Then comes American History, my favorite class. I have dreams of being a lawyer, so the whole history thing is my forte. After that is Algebra II, which is an OK class. I understand it pretty well...so no problems there. Then comes THE GREATEST CLASS ON EARTH...web design with Mr. Dolloff. Truly a fantastic class. (:



I go home after school and usually babysit and do my homework, which takes only a half hour. Afterward I usually play guitar, play video games, watch TV, or do something else that is found as a waste of time. Up until dinner where my family sits down together(most nights) and eat together. My mom is a pretty good cook, so can't complain.



I end my day with a shower and some TV watching. I normally get to bed around 10-11 PM.
So I can start the same routine all over again.



My weekend is either really exciting, or really boring. A typical weekend would be spending time with my boyfriend, Jared, unless he's working. Otherwise I use that time to get homework done, spend time with my little brother, or go to a friends house and spend time with them. On occasion I will go to a birthday party or find a big group of friends to hang out with, but I'm not up to staying out all night...I like to get some good rest.