Hey, I'm Nyssa Wieringa. Well I suppose just Nyssa will work.nwme2nd.png

I grew up in a home with just me and my mom in the Grand Rapids/Kentwood area until the age of 13. At 12, my mom married my stepdad and a year later we moved to Grandville. I currently have a half-brother(age 4) and half-sister(age 1). I'm still adjusting to siblings and the dymanics that they play within a family, but its all good.

Currently I am a senior in high school, like most, I absolutely hate high school. Drama. Drama. Drama. But when I'm not dealing with the daily troubles of high school I'm generally drawing (with a pencil or Photoshop) and blocking out the world. Drawing is my way of dealing with stress and has been since the first day I picked up a crayon. These days I like to fiddle around with Photoshop Elements 5.0(yes, very outdated) and Corel Painter 11. I don't necessarily just draw out a picture but create designs and see how different elements work with each other.
I want to go off to Montana State University once I am out of the confinements of high school. I want to major in Animal Science (specialty in Equine Sci.) and minor in Agricultural Business. I know I threw out some fancy words there, but when it comes down to it, I really just want to work with horses and cattle, and be able to make a business out of it.To be perfectly honest it is almost an obsession with how much I just want to be involved with working with livestock.
My favorite breed of cow is the Scottish Highlander cow, but following closely behind that is the Dexter Cow (which a great uncle of mine raises). Even though most normal people view cows as something to eat, I view them as adorable pets that almost would take the place of an outdoor dog. I have opted to become a vegetarian because I can't stand the thought of any harm coming to such a gorgeous animal.

My favorite thing in the world besides my own pets, are horses, mainly Friesians. They too are an obsession of mine and I could tell you everything you could want to know about them. It is my life long dream to own a gorgeous Friesian stallion and maybe compete professionally(or for fun) in the Dressage circuit. I know by this point I could never compete on the level it would take to make it to the Olympics, but it doesn't hurt to dream.