My name is Noah Suidinski.I have three half brothers and a half sister. I go back and forth between my mom's house and my dad's house and don' like it at all, but i am going to be 18 in June and won't have to do it anymore.


I have always went to Grandville Schools but have moved about 10 times and kinda sick of it. Right now I live in Grand Rapids. My parents were never married so i have been switching houses back and forth since i can remember.

I am currently a senior at Grandville High School. Right now my hobbies are playing baseball, video games, and running. Right now i am playing Call of Duty and Crysis 2 competitively and i am going to try to enter some tournaments this summer. Also this summer i will be playing baseball, working, and getting ready for college. I will be attending GRCC for my first year but I'm not exactly sure what i am going to do after that.

When I am done with college I hope to get a good job and possibly move to Miami or Los Angeles when i get older. One dream of mine is to travel. I really like Seeing new places and finding new things.