Yo, yo, yo! What's up? What's up? WHAT'S UP?! Name's Nathan Kwame "Djomama" Djomoah. I'm a senior here at GHS in Grandville, MI, and this here Wiki you've stumbled upon is my own personal page about me. Besides being a hardcore fanatic of video games and comic books, there are some things you should know about who I am, and what I like to do. The list below are some pointers:

  • Not many people know it, but I'm mildly autistic. I was born with Asperger's, (one of the many different forms of autism where the person is highly intelligent, yet struggle in socializing with others), and have lived with it for about 5 years. It's been problematic in some sense, and even a bit hard to accept, but I don't think of this handicap as a handicap. To me, it's just a long, long road I have to endure while trying as much as I can to be around the people I care for.

  • I'm a big fanatic on anything that's fantasy, whether it's Japanese video games like Final Fantasy, or alternated biblical stories like Ted Dekker's The Circle Trilogy and The Paradise Novels, you name it! (Also, speaking of Ted Dekker, I highly recommend reading Showdown, the first of the Paradise novels and prologue to all that is Ted Dekker.) Check it out sometime!

  • My biggest goal in life, (besides becoming one of the bestselling authors across the world), is to just enjoy life as it is. There aren't many times where life will let you relax and fiddle with the time you've got left.


  • My biggest hobby is writing stories. Whether it's from writing fan fiction stories, to alternated fantasy, I write just about all the time. Where am I at 5:30 in the morning? WRITING A STORY. "It's late at night. Where are you?" WRITING A STORY. Even if a building is burning, (which in this case there isn't!), I'll always be writing something. To me, stories are a reflection of our past lives, past experiences, and futures to come. The very same can be said for the words used in those newly birthed worlds. Wherever and however I live, I'll always be writing until the pages run out.

  • Mixing music and playing on the bass guitar have always been a hobby for me. I'm not the greatest on guitar, but I am a god, (at least I think so...), on creating new songs from scratch. One dream I hope to see somewhere down the road is to DJ some songs, or play in some sort of band, whether it be in an orchestra, techno-band, etc

  • Though I don't do this much now, I like to draw. Landscapes, anime pictures, you name it! Drawing is kind of like breathing for me, just like how writing is. Whenever I get the urge to sit down and sketch away, I find myself sometimes utterly frustrated by how terrible the drawings come out, or incredibly amazed by how smooth the picture turned out. (Call it me a perfectionist, but I just do that sometimes..)