(= Michael Cunigan's life Wiki =)

Hello friends, my name is Michael Cunigan =). Today you will know almost everything about me when you read this. I have been living almost my whole in Grandville ever since i was two years old with my mom and dad and also my two sisters Kaylee and Christina. I have experienced fights against bullies ever since i was kid. i have experienced relationships that lead to good and bad. These things had made me strong through my life. Also my Tae Kwon Do class has made me a better person inside and has taught me how to defend and help others that are in serious danger. I been doing this for more then two years now and at red belt. My favorite things to do is Rollerblade on my speed skates and do tricks inside and outside. I also love playing video games with my friends on weekends and hanging out with my girlfriend. My Girlfriend is Ashley Szymanski. We been dating for a year and two months now. My very close best friends are James Toering, Travis Wall, and Danny Ruiz. My favorite thing to watch on TV or on a computer are anime shows. My favorite music band/album is Kill Paradise and Owl city. My favorite movie to watch is The Notebook. I love macaroni and cheese, its the bomb. I say my favorite game to play is Dragon Quest.

My Tae Kwon Do class and Instructors What my speed skates look like My favorite music to listen too

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