About me

Well my name is of course Michael Reese and I am 17 years old. Well theres not much to me other then that I am a discontent youth, that seems to stay in a consent mood of "pissed at the world". I suppose thats not really wierd of a teenager though, now is it ? I keep wondering what to write about my past but as a try to filter it out I find my self left with only a few things. The only thinng of interest to others is that I have been to Disney about 12 times in my life time, so much so that I dont care to travel to Florida anymore.

In the present
Well what can I say?. I am a teenager that goes to school like he should and does well. I also have a job that I really dont care for but do because I am told I need to have one. The only way I think I can deal with stress is use the interenet as an escape. I play so many games it almost funny if it wasent for the fact that I dont have much of a socail life

Into the future
Well I suppose Ill continue the cycle of being an average teen by going off to college for 4-6 years to get a degree so I can get a job and then ill be happy right? It sickens me that I seem not to know exactly what I want. I know that I dont like the idea of going to school for 6 more years, but at the same time it doesent look like I have a choice. I think to myself maybe after college I can get a job that does something to help others.

Now that ive mentioned that my life is consumed by the interenet I might as well say some thing of it. I play Eve online for the most part with 300,000+ people , all on one server. Its a game that can suck you in because its so huge in scope. Well heres a picture of my character. Mimdras. Which is funny because its the first thing you get when you type the name in google.