I was born in Portland, Oregon. I ´╗┐went to Century Park Learning Center for elementary school. I used to play softball, swimming, and dance. I loved to dance but then I got into gymnastics. I did gymnastics for 13 years and I'm still doing it. I went to Grandville Middle School and then I moved up to the high school obviously. The summer going into freshmen year, I went to Peru, South America. I went to the Amazon Rainforest and I hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.



I am a sophomore at Grandville High School. I have a brother, Scott. I have a dog, Sadie(golden retriever) and a cat, Zoe. I am on the high school gymnastics team. I do all events(bars, vault, beam, and floor.) My best event is probably vault. I used to play the violin. I started in 6th grade and ended in 9th. My favorite football team is either U of M or the Oregon Ducks. I love to do everything with my best friend(and also cousin) Lindsey. Last summer I went to Colorado with my family. I loved it.



I can't wait till my birthday because I'll be 16 and I'm going to get my license. I hope to go to Central Michigan or Grand Valley to be a physical therapist. After college, I want to move to Kentucky, Tennessee, or Georgia. I love the south.