Hi I'm Marybeth


About me:

My real name is Mary Elizabeth.

I have brown hair and blue eyes.

Favorite color is purple,and sometimes pink too.


I've lived in Walker all my life.

I'm a junior at Grandville High School.

Spring is my favorite season of the year.

I have a new bunny named Chumlee, I call her princess.

I Turned seventeen on March eight.

I've tap danced at RCDF for five years now.

I <3 crafts, candy and root beer!


I went to Cummings elementary.

I loved doing the Lip sync with my friends every year.

Meet my bff Lexy when I was two. Her family moved in next door.

Started playing the violin in sixth grade.

Played Basketball and Softball all through elementary.

Got my first bunny in sixth grade, his name was Mr.Nibbles.

Started 4-H in seventh grade and began showing rabbits.

I HATED middle school so much!


I like sparkles.

I currently have five bunnies and hopefully getting another new one soon!

My brother Jake is home from U of M for the summer already...


I have a boyfriend I've been dating for thirteen months now :)

My mom is making me start looking for a summer job..

I have a big chocolate lab named Kodiak.


I don't know what I wanna do for college just yet.

I'd love to open my own little business someday.