My Past:
I was born in Dayton, OH on March 24th, 1995. After living in Dayton for 2 years, my family, that was made up of my brother and I at the time, were going to move to Atlanta, GA for my dad's job. After living there for 6 years and adding my little sister to the family, we were going to move to Grand Rapids, MI. I moved in the middle of my 3rd grade year, where i attended Cummings Elementary. After living here for 6 more years i have begun to like it better here. I enjoy being able to have more than 5 inches of snow on the ground and not having the whole city go into panic. It is also a lot closer to Dayton, which i still visit on a regular basis
because that's where all my cousins and grandparents live.
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My Present:
Today, I am a sophomore at Grandville High School and i really like it here. I enjoy all the choices when it comes to picking your schedule for the next year. I also am a part of the Grandville High School Science Olympiad team, this is my 4th year in the program.I really enjoy the science field. It has been a subject that has interested me since I was in the 1st grade. Just finding out how everything works and how the world runs is something I find interesting. Through Science Olympiad, I have grown in both building skills and academic skills. I have built a variety of different things from robots to catapults. I have also placed high in competitions in the field meteorology consistently.

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My Future:
If you were to ask me my plans after high school today and then 2 weeks from now, you'll probably get different answers. I honestly am crossed between 3 career paths that I would like to take. One would be into the medical field as a paramedic, another would be in the education field as a middle school teacher, and the last one would be some kinda web developer or something to do with computers. I would like to attend Michigan State University or Grand Valley University. Having been to both multiple times for different events, I like them both very much although Grand Valley is less than 5 minutes from my house. I hope whatever job I take, I make a good enough amount of money that I can support my family well and provide for them what I have been provided in my childhood.

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