My name is Kendall Hart. When I was younger I loved to swing on the playground and watch Disney movies. I'm the oldest child and I have a younger brother. We're really close and use to always play board games together when we were young. I went to Riverbend Elementary, West Elementary, and Central Elementary for young fives through sixth grade. I then went to Grandville Middle School and on to the High School. I played softball for eight years, basketball for three years, and rugby for one. I was really into reading when I was younger, and still am.



I am a Junior at Grandville High School. I run cross country and my best time is 26:14. My very first medal was at the Otsego invitational, where I got 18th place. I have also been playing the viola for six years and am now in the symphony orchestra, which is the highest level. I really like coaching Girls On the Run, which is a run club for elementary group, I've been doing it for two years. I love my family and friends and always have the best time when I'm around them. My favorite college football team is U of M. My favorite food is cupcakes.

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Someday I hope to go to either Grand Valley or University of Michigan to become a marriage counselor. I hope to find a husband and start a family after college. I would love to live somewhere warm and sunny, but I also love snow, so that would be a problem. In the near future I would like to be able to get my drivers license and buy a car. I also would really like summer to come so I can be done with my junior year.