Well hey kids my name is Josh, i am a average high school guy. I like games, used to play football and that kind of stuff. All i do now is play League with my friends, shits cash. My 4 friends and I have a ranked team and are currently competing in a tournament on AlienwareArena, our first match is this weekend, hopefully we win some fatty stacks. I love computers and just chilling out and being me, may sound pretty boring but it's fun as hell to me. I have one sister named Brooklyn and i currently love with my mom and step-dad. I also LOVE techno, currently im listening to a Finnish hockey championship song -.- damn good. My plans in the future are to go to collage for 2 years then join the US Air Force and beast it out there for awhile to get some free cash, then go back to collage and finish out my masters in whatever. Well I have ran out of stuff to ramble on about so i guess I will end it here, god speed.