Jordan Bisbee's Wiki page

My name is Jordan Bisbee live in Standale Michigan. i have lived there my entire life and have never lived anywhere else. i am 18 years old and currently do not have a job. but in the summer i work at my grandpas storage units and mow grass and do other stuff around there to help out my . i have a truck which i got when i was 16 it is a GMC Jimmy 92 and i also has a plow on it which i love to plow snow it may sound weird but its fun. the people that make up my family are my mom and my dad my sister that is going to graduate from college soon and my cat and my dog. Stuff that i like to do is to fish and to hunt. i hunt around my house out in Standale and i love to fish. i fish up at my cabin and any place that has water.

i am currently attending Grandville High school and it is my senior year this year i have been involved in tennis which i was on the JV team and i also have done archery for the four years i have been in high school.
in the future i am going to go to GRCC wwhich i have already been accepted to and i plan on going there for two years and then i don't really know were i am going to go. but i plan on living and hopefully getting a job around Grand Rapids somewhere so i can stay close to home and with family. but the dream but my dream is to hopefully one day own a house out in Iowa that i will be able to hunt and fish on and hopefully retire there.