Oh hey there, I'm Jeff Sawyer. This is my wiki.

I go to Grandville High School and I've gone to grandville schools since I was in kindergarten. I love being around people and I've always enjoyed hanging with friends. I love everything about music, listening, writing and playing. Music is huge for me. I honestly think i would go nuts if it wasn't for music. I've always enjoying building and working on things ever since I was a kid. I love making this and goofing around. When i was a kid, i built a playset for my backyard and since then I've always been building things and tinkering with them. Building things has always had my interest and so has technology. I often times buy things just to take them apart and see what makes the things work. When i got my computer, I did everything i could to learn about coding so I could manage the thing without any tech support. I plan on installing Debian once i have the files backed up because for the work I use it for it would be a life saver to have an open-source laptop. One of my passions is film, and having an open-source laptop means i can run any program I need regardless of if it is a Mac program or a windows one.
My most pressing project right now is my car. She's a daily driver/project right now but i hope to have a full blown hot rod once she's done. I bought a 91 Firebird Formula that doesn't look too bad, but she was really rough under the hood. I haven't gotten around around to finish the body yet because i plan on buying a new Ram Air hood for the ram-air box I'm installing and I want to make sure all of the body panels will fit together with no issue, something the previous owner did not do, which is why it needs a little body work. The car already has a pretty nice engine, it came with 5.0L 305 Chevy small block V8 which puts out about 300HP right now. My goal is to supercharge the car about 550HP and take her to the drag strip. She's a monster off the line and really takes of when you floor it. The car has so much torque right now you can actually feel it pulling the frame when you floor it, which is one of the reasons I need a rear differential rebuild. The torque has actually started to damage the gears.
And as I said before, people are really important to me, my friends mean a lot to me. they've been there for me through everything, no matter what. Especially my girlfriend Heaven. that girl means the world to me. We met my junior year in AV class, she was a senior at the time. We hung out a lot during AV and worked on a lot of projects together but we didn't see each other outside of school very much. We both started seeing people and figured that was that, we would just be friends. But both of us ended it with the person we were dating for various reasons and we realized we had liked each other the whole time and just never did anything with it. So in September of 2010 we began dating, and we still are now.

I currently work at Papa Murphy's pizza, I hope to get out of there as soon as possible. I don't like the way the place is run, and that would give me more time to do freelance film work with my friends for our group PaperFootballProductions. Many of the videos I've worked on are on Youtube under the user name PaperfootballPro.