I'm Jake Wright, a junior here at Grandville. My three favorite things in the world are parkour/freerunning, street art, and music. Me and my friend Matt Carpenter have been practicing parkour for a few months, and have actually made significant progress, and grown pretty good on an amateur level. As for street art...Matt also got me into that, but I haven't really gotten too much into it until about a month ago, and now I'm practice nearly everyday, it's my dream to be the next Banksy. My friend Matt Berg got me into making music, when I came across a dubstep he made one day. I asked how he made it, and he told me he used a program called "Mixcraft 5." I downloaded it, and through many trials and errors, I found it wasn't for me. Then my friend Travis Wall told me about FL Studio, (short for Fruity Loops Studio) claiming Ronald Jenkees, one of his favorite artists, uses that to make his stuff. I tried it out, and completely fell in love with the program.