Hey I'm Garrick and this is my wiki.


I love to play video games and hangout with my friends. one of my main hobbies lately has become disc golf. I am currently a senior at Grandville high school and i am planning on attending the art institutes of Chicago in the fall. I will going to get my bachelors degree in video games computer graphics design. One of y true favorite things in life is music. as of right now i mainly listen to Mumford and Sons and OFWG.

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I Love to play video games so if you want to play some time you can find me on Live as GMan EL LOBO. I also like to go and skate with my friends when i have the time. I also am currently working at Pizza hut. Want to laugh sometime go to you tube and look up paper football pro and watch our videos I promise you will laugh. My current goal in life is to become a video game designer and work for Bethesda some day. So Remember Have a nice day.