Yo wass poppin its big Dom Diesel, aka the Dominator, aka so fresh and so clean, aka deezy f baby, aka Dom. haha aight my bad, i was trying to sound dope, Im Dominick Minasola and I'm a senior at Granville High School. At this point I'm very excited to become and Alumni. An although i sit here today and can barely type this page because of my horrible case of senioritis that cripples my fingers lol I still am kinda scared and sad to be leaving soon. I still remember rolling in those doors as a freshman and thinking that all the seniors looked like grown men and women. As i watched the last day of school for seniors that first year all i could think was how much longer I had until that was going to be me. It seemed like it was going to be a lifetime, but as it turns out , a life time really isnt that long at all. Somtimes I'll try to think back, and find where these four years have gone, and a lot of the times i can't find them. Its kinda sad to try and look back and not remember much. The years have gone by so fast that its like they never even happened. I try to not look back and regret things that I should have done. Starting with classes I prolly could have tried harder in and also sports that I could have tried, or also tried harder in. So if there was any type of wisdom i could pass on to freshman itd be to cherish every moment, do everything to the best of your abilities, and just have fun. don't stay kooked up in your house playing video games all day. get out there and make some friends, heck get into trouble once in a while. I've learned a lot more in life from when I've got into trouble, then i ever did sitting at home haha.
So i guess other than me rambling this whole time I guess I've been just trying to get across my point that you should enjoy your life in high school, because before you know it, its going to be over, and the real world is going to be looking you straight in the face.