About Meeee
Hello I am Darryle Lee. I have went to Grandville Public School's since I was in First grade. Currently I'm a senior and work at Hollister at the Rivertown mall. I like to spend most of my time playing sports, Baseball, Tennis, Bowling, Track, Volleyball, and Basketball. Most people consider me very athletic when I try. When I'm not practice for any sport's, I spend my time hanging out with my friends and family. In the summer I drive a 1994 Z28 Camaro and 2001 Jeep Wrangler. Most of my time in the summer are spent at my beach house in Grand Haven.


In The Times Without My License:
I use to be a nerd and do nothing but play video games. (Halo 3 and Call Of Duty 4.) My freshmen through sophomore year's, I went to tournaments for Halo. I know it sounds nerdy and no life, but what else was I suppose to do with out my license. I made over 2000 dollars in playing big tournaments for Halo.


Present Times:
I'm a senior now with my license and car. My whole life changed when I got my license. Most people know I'm never home, Although I have 2 houses. I'm always on the run, most the time I'm with my cousin and my friends going out doing something random. I plan on going to college for Engineering and also going to UTI to get my associates and degree in diesel mechanics and auto repair.