hiiii, :) my name's danyell. i'm a freshman at grandville. i'm fifteen years old as for right now. i like hanging out with friends. my familys pretty, okay. i've gone to grandville since i was 5 years old. i went to central elementary for young fives. from kindergarten through sixth grade i went to east elementary. i love playing soccer, and singing. i have one brother, a sister, and two parents. my brother's 17 years old, and is planning on going to Western Michigan University for business. my sister is out of college, and is a cosmetologist. my dad is a construction worker, and my mom stays home. when i grow up, i wanna be a musician, a cosmetologist, or a therapist of some sort. i like taking pictures with friends and partying. diet cokes my favorite drink, asian foods my favorite food. oh, btw. i'm asian, :) 50% south korean, 50% american. i was adopted at 6 months by my parents. my favorite sports are soccer, volleyball, & basketball. danyello.jpg