Cody Poll's Wiki Page



I went to East Elementary from kindergarten too fifth grade and that was probably my favorite time to go to school because I actually enjoyed going to school. I played many sports when I was younger that included soccer, basketball, tennis, and football. My favorite of all those sports would have to be football because I was really fun and I enjoyed tackling people. I would have played it in high school but I decided to play water polo because I was better at water polo and I thought that water polo was a lot more fun.


I am currently a senior at Grandville High school and it is almost time for me to finally graduate after all of these years. I can't wait to be able to go to college and get out of High School. I think the thing I look most forward about college is the freedom and being away from home. I have played water polo since I was in 7th grade and I have always started on the best team all six years. It was awesome being the only freshmen starting on the varsity team. I have also swam for the last six years but I mainly did that to stay in shape for water polo. I am done with water polo now and I am really going to miss playing it and all the friends that I made from it. I am currently in a relationship with a girl named Emily and we have been going out for over three years now and she will be attending Ferris State University


Now that I am graduating I am planning on going to Ferris State University to major in the topic of Computer Aided Design/Drawing.I am really excited to be at college but at the same time, I am really nervous about it. I am pumped for the great food and being away from home and having freedom. The reasons I am nervous is because I have no clue who my room mate will be and if I get sick, I don't get the luxury of being at home where there is a familiar bed and medicine.


About My Family:

I have grown up in a plain and normal family with a mother, father, sister and brother. Currently I own two dogs, which one is a beagle/labrador mix, while the other is just a beagle. My family is definitely a pet loving family because in my lifetime we have owned three dogs, one cat, two bunny's, three hamsters, three frogs/toads, and a bunch of fish. Both of my siblings are currently enrolled in college. My brother is about to graduate from Michigan State University and my sister is still attending Grand Valley University. Both of my parents are employed, and my father works at West Michigan Gage and my mother works at Di's Hallmark and also works as a janitor at Olivet Reformed Church.