Cassie Snoeyink
I was born on November 24, 1993. I am the oldest of four in my family. I have two sisters, Gabby and Lilly. Gabby is currently a sophomore and Lilly is in sixth grade. I have a brother, Eric, who is now in second grade.


Growing up, I originally went to elementary school at South Elementary in Hudsonville up until 4th grade when I moved to South Elementary in the Grandville district. Our elementary school librarian, Mrs. Pleyel, is one of my favorite people ever and still continues to be.
I have always been the uncoordinated clumsy child and still am! I fall walking up and down stairs, trip over my own feet and run into closed glass doors all the time!
Currently I am seventeen and a senior this year at Grandville High School and loving life! I currently work as a tutor for the Grandville Robotics Team and I love spending time with my family and friends.
After high school, I hope to pursue a double major in psychology and spanish. I want to have a career as a child psychologist.
I have a lot of plans, but I am excited to go wherever life takes me!