Cameron Wark

About Me:
I was born on August 14, 1992 in Grand Rapids Michigan. I have two brothers, one who is a I enjoy dirt biking, competing in the District 14 Hare Scramble Series on Occasion. I also am addicted to Hockey as I am an avid fan of The Detroit Red Wings AHL affiliate The Grand Rapids Griffins. All winter I attend those games and root my team hopefully to victory. I love to eat food especially chinese variety. As a senior at GHS, I have a massive cass of senioritis and can't wait for what the future has in store for me. I am attending Michigan State University in the Fall and maybe just maybe, try out for the Michigan State Marching Band, just give it a shot to see if I make it or not.
My Family:
My family originated from Scotland and we actually had our own royal castle and everything. Somehow we were ousted or etc. anyways we left that area and moved across the Alantic into The United States. A major section of the Wark family settled in Glen Michigan, where throughout a few generations I came to be. My immediate family includes my two brothers, my mom, dad, and two cats.
Dream: Hope to be an Air Force Fighter Pilot and become the next Maverick!