I've been going to Grandville since 5th grade, when I went to West Elementary. Used to live by 36th Street, but now I live by 40th.

I can't think of any time in life that would be as fickle as your school years, although I haven't even gotten past school yet. Thoughts and ideas are changing constantly, I feel like I can look back at each year and be a totally different person. School has been alright, I've never really been into school events or extra-curricular type stuff, but I definitely did a lot out of school haha. I'm graduating in like five months which feels good. It's been good, but I'm ready to move past high school.

I've always wanted to get out of this area I've been in the past ten years, and now I feel like I can. I'm ready to start building an independent life and just moving with whatever happens.

Feels Goodman.

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