Alex Crisan

About me:
Hey my name is Alex Crisan! I am a senior at Grandville High School. I am a very active outgoing person who loves having fun. I play soccer, football, and run track. I have played varsity soccer for 4 years, kicked for the football team for 2 years and run track for 4 years. Outside of school I play club soccer year round for the U19 Premier Alliance FC team, traveling to various places in Michigan as well as well as out of state. Other hobbies I have are skiing and golf. I am a die hard skier and love the game of golf. Summer is the best time of the year because I don't have a worry in the world.

My whole life as a kid was all fun and games. I was always playing fun neighborhood games. I was one of the most shy kids you would have ever met in your life and hated doing something wrong and when I did I cried. Every other weekend my Dad would come pick my half brother, brother and myself up and go to his apartment near Detroit for the weekend. It was really rough moving from apartment to apartment and rarely every getting to spend time with my Dad. That never me from being who i wanted to be. Things turned around and life is great!

As of right now I have about 1 month left of school and believe me, I am so ready to be done. So ready to move on with my life. Senior year is the year to have fun in high school. Life seems to be at its greatest. I am currently working at On The Border here in Grandville. It is a great first job for me and i really do quite enjoy it. I am a food runner so I bring out dinners to tables. I still make tips and make quite a bit. Also on top of that I am in the middle of my track season. It is going well although it's rough. I never get time to just sit back and lay low. I am constantly doing something tiring. I also have a girlfriend and her name is Allie Gast! She is great person.

This word always seems to scare me, "Future". What am I going to do? I'm still just a kid who wants to have fun. I plan to attend Grand Valley State University in the Fall. I am really excited about something new and positive to happen. I am hoping to pursue in being a Physician's Assistant. I really want to be a successful person and will do whatever it takes to make sure I will be happy for the rest of my life.