Hey there!

Jank-nasty Infinite Campus picture

I'm Alex Arendsen, a senior at Grandville High School. I, uh... I don't really know what else to tell you- I like a lot of different kinds of music, I play piano and percussion. I also like computers- programming and web design and so on. Good stuff, good stuff. But yeah, music is my big thing. My big dream... thing is to be a composer. Favorite bands / artists of mine, you can check them out here (my favorite music Glog). That's my Infinite Campus photo that I don't like on the left. Notice how my hair was kinda doing its own thing when this picture was taken. Ugh. Alrighty, pressing on.


According to the assignment, I'm supposed to tell you a little bit about my past. So... I went to Calvin Christian High School as a freshman, and then came to GHS for my sophomore year and liked it a lot more. You can read more about the things I like about Grandville- and actually, most everything else you'll find out from this page- on my web design homepage.


Presently, I am getting ready to graduate from GHS, waging the great struggle against senioritis, and making the appropriate preparations to go to Grand Valley State University next year (which I will talk about in more detail below). In more immediate terms, I'm presently very into this song by the group Guster called "I'm Through," I'm gonna try and embed that video in... (da dah-da dah-da...)
Woo! It worked. You should listen to it. I mean, I went through all that hard work to get it on here, it would be a shame if you just let it sit there like that. Dejected and such. But it's your call.


Like I said earlier, GVSU. In my future. I plan to major in Information Systems and participate in the music program while I'm there. Afterwards, I'd like to go elsewhere (I've got Arizona State University in my minds presently) to study music composition. After that, we'll see what happens- I'll have my computer know-how to make sure I don't end up living in a box, and my formal education in music to hopefully let me get some spot in composition.

Extra Interesting Facts


How To Train Your Dragon

  • My favorite movies are Bolt and How To Train your Dragon.
  • I used to used to make videos and computer games under a fake company name called "ABProductions," AB standing for Arendsen Basement.
  • My mom almost named me Andrew.
  • When I was little, I hated being outside, but now I love to.
  • I'm allergic to pollen, and get really bad headaches if I don't take my allergy medication.
  • My favorite school subject (if you don't count band) is probably either Math or English.
  • I can speak Spanish.
  • I didn't like cole slaw for a long time, but then I decided it wasn't that bad.
  • My favorite colors are orange and yellow.
  • I don't do any sports other then marching band (which is a sport), but I did play T-Ball and Coach's Pitch Baseball when I was little.
  • I don't like steak, or any other equivalent hunk-of-meat-style meal.
  • I like to play The Sims 2. I have The Sims 3, but it's just not as good.