My name is

Alan Bunch

and I go to Grandville High School. I am currently a sophomore. I have no job and participate in no after school activities. I enjoy reading, watching TV (I prefer movies and documentaries), and playing video games. I also like sports and playing with my cat.

I'm writing about me because it is my assignment for introduction web design class. Personally I prefer not to write about myself, I find it annoying. While I know I shouldn't write about how I don't like writing my assignment I think it is important because I would have actually enjoyed writing something about something else.

I think that science and nature documentaries are interesting and enjoyable to watch. Some some documentry shows I like are Nova, Secrets of the Dead, and Nature. I like other with similar formats.

I also like animes and Mangas like Naruto, InuYasha Dragon Ball Z, and more. By the ones I chose to digress to you, you can tell that I prefer action ones. Although those shows contain other story elements.

The sports I like to play are basketball and football. I often play them with my three brothers. I never really played ping pong but I think it would be fun.

In my future I plan on going to college (not sure where). I am trying to decide on what to go to college for. I would like to go for computer or game programing but I haven't decided. I might also go to study a science or maybe something completely different. One thing I know though is that I will not become a teacher because I have sat in school for years more than I possibly can. But even though I don't like school I enjoy taking challenging classes. For one reason is that I don't like work sheets and college setting classes just make read a lot. And those classes, to a point, have people more serious about school like me. However, I am not that hard a worker.

Before I went to Grandville school I took a year off school. I enjoyed a full year of being free to sit around all day. But I didn't just sit around and before I took that year off I was not an A student. My grades had actually gotten worse as progressed through school. I think my year off helped me mature and think more. And after I decided to go back to school it made me more committed than ever to my future and success.

I went to Catholic schools (I'm Catholic) before I went to Grandville high school. I lived in Grand Rapids and still do so it's self evident that I went to the nearby Catholic schools.

I HATE rap music and for the most part pop music. While I'm writing this I am listening to pop music because of you Mr. Dolloff : ( (Tue May 03 2011 14:30:43). I'm really annoyed... Contrary to me complaining I like oldies music ( Like the Beetles) and while some modern music is good what people like at school is mostly bad, in my opinion. I also like classical music and I often listen to Blue Lake Public Radio. They broad cast classical music, jazz and NPR news. Everyday on my ride to school ( approximately 30 minutes) I listen to Morning Addition.