Hey I'm Abbey, I'm 17 and have blue eye and blonde hair. I go to Grandville High School and have one more year left! I do have a job and I hate it, I'm a waitress at Stake-N-Shake and have been there for about one and a half years. In febuary it will be two years, which is crazy to me. At the moment I live with my mom, step dad, and brother Dan. He will once again be leaving this summer to go over seas. I also have a sister Sarah, that lives about a couple hours away and i dont really get to see her that often. My dog is the cutest dog ever, hes a rednose pitbull and still a puppy. I love him soooo much! After graduation I have big plans to move down to Miami with my cousin Penny, it will be very nice to get out of Michigan here soon! Thats about it:)====